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March 12, 2008


real anonymous

My guess is the "helpful reader" may have later sued him. :-)

Doug van Aman

Can someone please explain: Where’s the defamation? What damage do the plaintiffs specifically claim? Nothing in the snippets that I’ve read on this case appears to be anything close to defamation.

Instead, it appears to be just another harassment lawsuit – one of those where some greedy little grunt casts a line to see if he can force a settlement over litigation.

It’s that same wrong-minded thinking in Gibson’s lawsuit over Activision (and now expanded to include Walmart, Target, Amazon, GameStop, K-Mart, and Toys R Us).

This stupidity makes me yearn (hope upon hope) for some legislative or regulatory leadership to put an end to these shenanigans because that giant sucking sound is the effect this abominable lawsuits on U.S. innovation.

And no, I'm not an employee, spouse, friend, business partner, etc. of any of the named defendants.

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