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June 18, 2008


Tyson O'Donnell

Hey Joe,
I’m a product marketing intern for iCopyright and I just wanted to clear up some information referenced by your blog. iCopyright provides the technology; were not the publisher. We provide the means for publishers and bloggers such as your-self to allow people to instantly license materials for commercial use. What the prices are, the word intervals are, and what licensing options are available is all customized by the publisher.
A new tool we just launched is ACID (automated content infringement detector). This technology allows content creators to find all uses of their products on the internet. It is a good tool to hunt down and eliminate blog scrappers, copy scrapers, and other blogs purposefully stealing content for commercial purposes. iCopyright however does not dictate to the publisher who is infringing and who is within fair use, or who to send take down notices to. That is to the publishers discretion, were just the technology.

Kind Regards,

Tyson O'Donnell

Joe Mullin

Tyson, thanks for your comment. Post has been updated.

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