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August 04, 2008



The world has no need for "good-intentioned" deceivers, with selfish-ambition and a myopic view of the world ("what's good for me is good for you"). It needs honest men and women, who can see beyond what they feel with their hands. Unfortunately, Rick Frenkel (like many in the current patent wars) has apparently not learned this yet. Until he does, poor Rick. And poorer us, because of Rick.


P.S. Rick, that's not to say the world doesn't need you - we do! And with your knowledge you can do a lot of good, for even for the patent system. But the ends don't justify the means, and you need to look at the whole system when "pushing" change, rather than just the client.

The comment above seems rather strange to me. - I was a fan of the PTT blog, and thought Rick had contributed an lot to our understanding of those who abuse patent law for personal gain. As for the insinuation that he was not honest, that's just a cheap attempt at character assassination.

Good luck in your new position Rick!


If you want to assassinate his character, at least put your own name to it, "anonymous."

The Patent Troll Tracker was a valuable resource. I find those threatening his job over it despicable. He posted nothing untrue that I can find, even knowing what I know now about him.

Joe Mullin

Thanks to all for the comments.

Just for clarity, the "Joe" above is not me; I use my full name in all comments I write here.

But this is a good place for me to add, I also was a fan of the PTT blog, if that's not already obvious to readers. All of Rick's reporting was based on public documents, so I don't understand how that could be seen as deceptive.

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