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June 05, 2009



On his website, Shipley claims "I first filed a patent on these ideas in '96." To this I suggest that you can't patent ideas, you can only patent inventions. I suppose that this quote alone would not make a good case against Shipley, but personally I feel sickened by patents that protect this type of invention:
"This patent covers using a computer to do something that already is being done, but it does it a little more intelligently or reactively".

In the example of Shipley's patent, the " Intelligent network security device and method" patent protects through a firewall (an already existing and freely available technology produced under DARPA contract) by automatically performing some computer commands that were never actually determined. The "inventor" realized that computers would one day be able to be more proactive in their firewalls, chose a word "intelligent" to cover this proactivity, and then trolled away.


Right. Enough said.

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