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August 28, 2009


Eric Delwart

Dr Shafer is fighting for all researchers at the mercy of patent trolls. The mere threat of litigation is enough for many to fold but Dr Shafer showed that standing up to them publicly can bring important concessions. The quality of USPTO reviews is also frightening. Hopefully that particular decision will be reversed.

Gio Wiederhold

Thanks for the information,
I'll get a patent for a system requiring exactly 17 knowledge bases and start suing. I am sure the cost of the patent will be offset by settling, say. at $10,000 per defendant, since most companies can't afford to a have a lawsuit on the books that they are not challenging, and they will not be able to hire a lawyer that cheaply. I bet I'll get $100,000 easy in settlements. The patent that I do have only cost me about$23,000. That a better RoI than any other `health care' investment I think of.
And I'll donate half to Bob Shafer, unless he decides to file a patent for 13 knowledge bases.



Makes you wonder about the extent of systemic corruption versus the public good and impartiallity. What is the price to buy a politician, a judge or a Patent Examiner?


So to work around this patent you need to extend your 3 knowledge bases into 4, either by splitting one or adding another of marginal relevance? In some circumstances merging them to reduce 3 to 2 might be better?

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