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September 02, 2009


James Susanka

we are already in it and microsoft was a big instigator of the current situation.

too bad IBM wasn't like this when billy gates was starting out.

the guy from microosft that started this intellectual ventures is a worm of the worse kind. does nothing of any skill or talent but uses the law to his own advantage to take advantage of people who are using their skill to make a living.

software should not be patentable. it is an art and math. why should some guy in his basement who can write a program have to file a patent.
the starving artist doesn't have to. and it does not take any research or testing to write software for it to become great. look at microsoft and what they spend on research and yet their software turns out to be crap compared to the open source linux. there would be no microsoft if IBM treated billy gates the way microsoft treats other industry players today.

microsoft is abusing the patent system and it needs to be stopped.

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