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September 15, 2009



I really hope that the PTT wins this one.

If nothing else, libel lawsuits like this remind you how important it is to clarify that you're merely expressing a hyperbolic opinion when you call someone like Eric Albritton a dirty, rotten sleazebag, rather than alleging a statement of fact.

Jeff Sweetman

Great summary of the case so far, thanks.

Of course, the bigger issue is forum shopping per se.


Joe, I haven't followed the case since the opening volley. I don't see any discussion of summary judgment motions. Were there any?

Joe Mullin


Both Cisco and Albritton filed Summary Judgment motions on various issues. I covered Cisco's here:

I don't have an equivalent post about Albritton's Albritton's SJ motion, because it was filed, and remains, under seal. Hard to understand why that is. Especially since at least one of the issues addressed is whether Albritton is a public or private person.

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