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October 23, 2009



This makes me look forward to watching the progression of the Nokia/Apple suit. Does Nokia just hope to pay a few bills, or (as I've heard from one source) is Nokia trying to head off patent litigation against itself by Apple, whose patents Nokia has purportedly infringed?

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Y. Peter Fujii

It is unbelievable to get this kind of privacy revealed to public in Japan where everything is virtually kept secret for protection of privacy while public is supposed to be basically entitled to knowing IP litigation. You know Japan does not practically allow public to get a copy of complaint filed in the court. You have to file a freedom of information petition to access to a complaint!
Is SPT going to seek protection soon, so that the Boesen's motion may be protected?

Joe Mullin

Peter, thanks for the comment. This is a highly unusual case, since there's a party trying to intervene while incarcerated; I wouldn't want to venture a guess as to what the next step is.

Your comment about Japan is very interesting, and news to me. Puts my own complaints about over-sealing of U.S. cases into perspective!

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