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May 28, 2010



Hopefully the Supreme Court will wake up to itself and kill off the software patents that are strangling innovation in the industry.
Copyright on software is all that is needed.
Not inexact patents that can claim to own mathematical functions.
The sooner these paten troll companies die off, the better.

Scott Dunn

After reading the Ariad v Lilly ruling, I think it would be a good start to limit the claimed invention to just the written description. Ariad was claiming the rights to "any and all compounds" that could reduce genetic expression. Forcing patentees to be very specific about the invention rather than using broad "idea" language would go a long way towards reducing the hostility towards patents in general.

Maybe then the value of patents would outweigh their social costs.


I appreciate the comments regarding the "patent reform" legislation currently before Congress. Legislative deal-making tends to take the teeth out of any real efforts to reform the system. Patent law needs true reform, but it looks like we'll have to wait a while longer before that's forthcoming:


Intellectual Property

What an oxymoron anyway!

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