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August 27, 2010


Ehud gavron

The US Patent system needs reform to remove non-practicing entities (NPEs aka "patent trolls") from attempting to profit through FORCED licensing deals, INJUNCTIONS against shipping products for those who actually make products and preventing piece of shit dicks like paul allen from getting this profit.

H. C. Gilbertson

Patents in the software industry seem to be bad news! Software has a lifespan of 6 mos, and these bastards like Allen try to bottle it up for 7 years. How about Allen trying some innovation rather than constipation through the patent office.

P Godin

A quick review of those patents can leave to assumptions of web browsing display but is not particularly focused on such display definition and description.

IANAL but good common sense will definitively show that those patents are not web browsing patents.

Alex Chejlyk

I love this patent: "Alerting Users to Items of Current Interest."

So that would cover bold text, a flashing icon, a pop-up, the beep sound, etc!

Software patents are ridiculous.

Eric Bresie

Another analysis I read indicated some of this is related to "Recommendations" of some type.


Interval Research is an also-ran, a has-been. Paul Allen needs to cut his losses before he alienates half the planet. No man is powerful enough to beat the world. Microsoft, the 800-pound gorilla, found it out the hard way.


Just a tad bit generic at first glance.

Art Pryor

Regarding Patent 6263507 (Browser for Use in Navigating a Body of Information…)

A very quick search for prior art for 6263507 turns up MSN’s custom start page, which was launched in 1996
Here it is in the internet archive in Oct 1996:
And here’s the customized, prior art goodness they were offering:

1 Personal Preferences: Tell us who you are and what you want to see. Select the speed and quality of your graphics. Add some entertaining sound clips to your page.
2 Services: Get all the essential services you need—from stock quotes, financial information, and sports scores to movie times, concert listings, and music reviews.
etc etc

Looks very much like prior art for Patent 6263507, which wasn’t granted until Dec 1996.

Art Pryor

Oops I meant, 6263507 wasn't *applied for* until Dec 1996.

patent litigation

I suspect that someone like Paul Allen would not have filed this kind of patent infringement suit unless he thought he had a pretty good chance of winning. And, of course, he can afford top-notch legal counsel. My main question is, will Mr. Allen's pledge to give away most of his fortune apply to the (likely pretty hefty) damages if he prevails in this case?

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