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June 10, 2011


patent litigation

Until reading this week's articles on the topic, I thought that ending fee diversion was pretty much universally accepted as being the only sensible option in preventing the USPTO (an important driver of the economy) from imploding. After having read this article, I still can't see how anyone in his or her right mind would oppose the anti-fee-diversion provisions in the pending patent reform act.

patent litigation

Apple pretty much had no choice except to come out swinging on behalf of its developers. The company's been under so much pressure and scrutiny about this that, had it not defended the developers, its image would have suffered terribly, perhaps irreparably. That said, however, I'm glad Apple finally did step up to the plate. Hopefully, Apple's actions will make Lodsys and other trolls think twice about trying to take out one-man app shops and other "easy targets" via patent litigation -- especially those that have big guns on their side.

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